MiningHamster Signals

MiningHamster Signals is designed to help you track various cryptocurrencies’ performance. This user-friendly online service sends notifications to subscribers if specific coins experience unusual movement on the market. You can monitor the activities of four cryptocurrencies only — Binance, Poloniex, Kucoin, and Bittrex.

The monitoring element of the service is performed by cutting-edge bots and trading experts. Parameters used to signal a climb or drop in a specific coin’s value are separated in two distinct groups: external and internal factors.

The former category includes media coverage that could lead investors to take panic-driven actions or boost general confidence in the coin itself. Political rulings, economic risks, and incidences of bulk-buying specific cryptocurrencies can all serve as external factors, too.

Potential internal factors include levels of supply and demand: a coin’s price will rise based on increasing demand, and drop according to decreasing demand.

All of the MiningHamster Signals notifications are sent via a Telegram channel for subscribers only, and subscribers can combine them with their personal hands-on experience to arrive at valuable decisions.

MiningHamster Signals Features

Trading Bots

Trading bots are designed to conduct intricate processes and make complex decisions with a high rate of efficiency. With MiningHamster Signals, the bots utilize crypto signals to make predictions on a coin’s future performance to help traders make sound choices.

The MiningHamster Signals bots employ state-of-the-art algorithms and the latest market data. They will compare and process different signals from across multiple markets, before delivering signals to specific Telegram channels. Subscribers receiving this information can either ignore said signals or take action.

Application Programming Interface (API)

An API is a list of protocols which app developers can use to connect their applications to a certain third-party system. In MiningHamster Signals, the API affords users an opportunity to create apps for gathering trading signals from the service’s own website.

Once a user has fetched these trading signals, they can customize their app to process various actions (e.g. software for independent analysis for combining the service’s signals with additional indicators).

A User Interface for Multiple Languages

With MiningHamster Signals, a diverse community of users can take advantage of the service thanks to its multilingual interface. Available languages include French, Spanish, English, Portugese, and German.

This is a crucial addition for a service targeting a broad user base spanning numerous countries. Selecting a language is quick and simple: click on the icon in the top menu’s upper-right corner to open a dropdown menu containing the languages supported. Each language is represented by the relevant flag for your convenience.

Profit Calculator

MiningHamster Signals’ users can take advantage of the intuitive profit calculator to work out the profit they can expect to make if certain crypto signals move as per the prediction. This is a vital tool for traders, as deciding on an action at the right time can lead to major profit in best-case scenarios.

You can leverage the profit calculator to discover average profits related to historical signals and verify new signals’ validity effectively.

MiningHamster Signals Pros

  • Signal reliability can be verified easily using the profit calculator; see whether certain signals achieved profits historically before making your decision
  • Receive up-to-date signals to your Telegram application, bypassing the need to log into MiningHamster Signals each time you want to view new signals
  • Competitive subscription pricing
  • Pay for your subscription with a number of cryptocurrencies
  • Newcomers receive a free one-month subscription, but only if they provide the right answers during a brief quiz

MiningHamster Signals Cons

  • Only capable of sending signals for four cryptocurrencies
  • API limited to just one user for each key
  • MiningHamster Signals site lacks live-chat feature for fast support
  • Lacks a demo account for inexperienced newcomers

Final Thoughts

Profitable traders must be fairly savvy in evaluating a wealth of factors that could contribute to a cryptocurrency’s value rising or dropping. Fortunately, MiningHamster Signals has been designed to streamline this process brilliantly, by sending valuable signals on key market actions.

Cryptocurrency traders can rely on these signals and their own experience to make stronger decisions on the crypto market. However, said signals can only indicate those prices which are most likely to occur, so traders should avoid basing choices on these exclusively. It’s usually best to think about other indicators ahead of making a decision when risking real money.