Crypto Industry Glossary


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Active Management

Active Management is the portfolio management approach for optimists. It's costlier and riskier but the upside is it may pay off better over the long-term.


Altcoins represent the new gold rush that's taking currencies beyond just being currencies. They can have value but now they're useful for other things too!


Arbitrage could be one of the lowest risk investment opportunities that you can find, because it relies more on established events than predictions.

Bear Market

Bear markets are the domain of pessimistic traders and falling prices, but it's good to know your terms when it comes to trading, so let's take a look.

Black Swan Event

A Black Swan event is thankfully not all that common, but when they do arrive, they turn everything in the markets upside down. Let's take a look at them.

Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core protects users with enhanced privacy and security while they interact with the Bitcoin blockchain. But what other benefits does it offer?

Bitcoin Dominance

Bitcoin was the original cryptocurrency, and dominated the space completely for years. But how has this changed with the emergence of so many other cryptos?


When you hear the word


A bounty is an incentive, and they’re often used as part of a marketing strategy to incentivize the promotion of initial coin offerings for new cryptos.

Bull Market

If someone tells you it's a


Historically, a coin has always been a piece of metal that was used to represent a certain value. But all that's changed with the advent of digital currencies.

Confirmation Time

Confirmation time refers to the delay between a transaction's submission to a crypto network and its verification. Find out how it works in our simple guide!


Cryptocurrency has only existed for a decade or so, but it's already revolutionized the world of finance. And there is so much more to come in the future.


Cryptography has been around since the dawn of communication, but in the age of digital currencies and digital criminals it's more important than ever.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Decentralized finance is a bold new way to offer financial products and applications, providing a number of crucial benefits. But what are they?


An exchange is a real or virtual marketplace where financial instruments like commodities, securities, and cryptocurrencies are bought and sold.

ERC-20 Standard

The ERC-20 is crucial to the Ethereum network's operations, but what is it? How does it work? Our guide to ERC-20 covers all you need to know.

Forced Liquidation

Forced liquidation is an automatic tool that protects lenders when their risk rises from your failing leveraged trading positions. So keep an eye on them!

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis (FA) is an essential for any trader or investor's toolkit. It looks a little deeper to identify undervalued and overvalued assets.


Fungibility is a key term in finances and cryptocurrencies, but what does it mean? Join us as we explore fungibility in this simple, reader-friendly guide.


Even a currency needs its own currency sometimes, and Gas is the one used to quantify the value of certain activities performed on the Ethereum network.


Getting to grips with fractional amounts of ETH with lots of zeros after the decimal point can be a real chore. This is what makes Gwei so handy.


Halving helps cryptos like bitcoin to enter the system at a steady and controlled rate, slowing them down over time, and gradually reducing their rewards.

Margin Trading

Margin trading means trading with borrowed funds. You put less of your own money at risk but it's still a high-risk strategy for all but the experts.

Non-Fungible Token

In the digital world the concept of scarcity didn't use to exist. The idea with digital was that you could copy everything, but NFTs have changed that.

Proof of Stake (PoS)

Proof of Stake protocols function by choosing transaction validators in a way that takes into account the size of their stake in a particular cryptocurrency.

Segregated Witness

With Bitcoin, the Segregated Witness (SegWit) process separates (or segregates) two elements of the transaction so that block capacity is increased.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are synonymous with Ethereum but they aren't new. They're a great idea that has found its place in the blockchain era.


Volatility tells investors how quickly the price of an asset is moving from highs to lows, and as such is a useful tool for assessing its level of risk.


Volume is a useful measure of trading enthusiasm that can tell traders a lot about the mood of the market, so it helps them to guide their trading decisions.